Who we are:

We are human. They are animals. Legacy has put us on the sane planet, so that we learn fron each other, learn how to speak the same language and how to become the best friends.

Joyser is a brotherhood of like-minded people from different places who are daily inspired by the unconditional love, coming from our pals and the care, that they surround us. And we want to return the favor. Joyser is designed to ensure that you and your best friend can always ride the same Wave. We want to create things that not only bring the Joy, but at the same time using the latest techs and developments of best human being goods. Making you and your Pets sharing the same spirit in any, even the most remote corners of the Globe, is not only our goal, but our motivation and passion. Breaking the rules, breaking the borders, breaking ourselves to create absolutely new level of relations between You and Your buds.

— Because they depend on us same way we depend on them